10 Things: Louise Roe

British television presenter and journalist lives her life on fashion's front lines--whether she's hosting NBC's reality competition , manning the Oscars red carpet, or shooting her forthcoming series Style Pop, debuting this summer. But the LA-based sartorial virtuoso doesn't restrict her keen eye to the runway: "I'm so obsessed with interior design that I keep a scrapbook full of looks and items I want to find one day!" she says. We asked the closet home addict for the ten things she can't live without.
1. EMBROIDERED PUEBLA PILLOW COVER Cushions are the easiest way to revamp the living room--I love ikat and Navajo-inspired prints for the ranch feel they create. $30,  2. VINTAGE TOLEDO DINING CHAIR I've been looking for a seamstress stool similar to this chair for the last five years. Then one weekend recently, boom! I found them! It's less of a slick martini bar vibe and more of a cold-beer-in-your-cowboy-boots feel. Which I love. $249, 
3. MAMOUNIA SKY RUG Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a dear friend and creates some beautiful homes. This patterned rug he designed is a gorgeous, calming colour and I want it in my bedroom! $212 per square foot,  4. YEARLING HORN BOWLS Horn, reclaimed wood, coral, and sand shells are featured in my house a lot--I think natural textures help give a very rustic feel. $195 (set of 4), 
 5. ECHINODERM HANGING CHART I was introduced to Necromance by a stylist friend of mine, and it's such a cool and eclectic store. You have to handpick your items carefully, but the pieces are unique and brilliant. $175,   6. NO. 7 PATCHOULI SANDALWOOD CANDLE Scent creates an atmosphere the minute you walk through a door, so I always have a candle burning in the evening or while I write. I switch it up depending on my mood: right now it's this gorgeous, strong, woody smell. From $4, 
 7. PINEAPPLE WALLPAPER I didn't use this pineapple print as wallpaper, but cut it up and framed it into four matching prints, which now hang above my desk. It's a trick my former magazine editor taught me--she did it with pictures from coffee table books as well. Price Upon Request,  8. VINTAGE GLASS FRUIT I just brought back a grocery store's worth of glass fruit from my granny; she bought it all in Rio, Brazil, in the '60s. If you hunt around flea markets you can find it in LA too--I like the way it brightens the room. $9, 
 9. MARKHBEIN KIBIC PITCHER  In the summer, I like to have pitchers of water with fresh cucumber or mint in them dotted around the house to make sure I drink enough! This one has a touch of '70s retro about it, an era I love for interior design. Everything was about entertaining and daytime cocktails--it was very elegant but boho at the same time. $136,   10. SLIM AARONS: LA DOLCE VITA Slim Aarons' photos are so aesthetically dreamy. The decadence and glamour of all the parties and people he photographed in the middle of the last century, all over the world--I can just stare at the images for hours! $54,