5 European Online Home Sources Worth Paying the Shipping

In a world where Googling online coupon codes can often cancel out those pesky shipping charges, and pre-paid domestic return labels are a matter of course, it can sometimes feel crazy--even reckless!--to commit to an international purchase. But there are times when that far-flung reward is just so drool-worthy that we're happy to throw caution to the wind and shell out a few more dollars (or euros, as the case may be) to get it to our doors. The sources below--from France, Amsterdam, Sweden and England--are often responsible for those times.  
, $650 , $1343 , $134
  The vibe of Surrey, England-based furnishings outpost is low-key-luxe country pile--perfect for a dose of modern manor. We're dreaming about hanging their industrial rectangular  over our farmhouse dining table, landscaping a new garden around their teak , and putting in a fireplace just to place their in front of it.  
, $3292 , $54 , $137
  Stockholm-based home furnishings store specializes in whimsical takes on clean Scandinavian lines--from mini metallic  to maraca-inspired  to a poppy geometric .  
, $303 , $107 , $39
  London, England's beloved department store is known for high-quality products at reasonable prices, and right now we're eyeing up several modernist selections: a retro oak , a cherry-red floor , and a reassuringly sturdy stoneware .  
, $104 , $286 , $234
  Paris-based is perfect for your idyllic French purchases--rustic faded red striped linen anyone?--and less culturally specific statement items, including tin-molding-inspired , and a stunning conical glass pendant by designer Phillipe Daney, too.
, $113 , $646 , $53
  Amsterdam-based design boutique  traffics in unusual takes on everyday objects: we're loving the woven paper and metal , the remarkably intricate Alice in Wonderland-worthy floral , and this handmade organic-shaped .