5 Kids' Room Trends We Love

We've reached our breaking point with chalkboard paint, wall decals, and monogrammed bean bag chairs. But never fear: there's a new crop of ideas for children's room decor with some serious staying power. domaine-kids-title-new-04

Extend your safari chair's influence to the nursery with a leather-trimmed neutral palette and a canvas-draped bed that hints at adventure, YSL-style. Voyager Steamer Nightstand, $599, 


This trend isn't exclusive to the runway and citified sitting rooms--bring it to the G-rated crowd for an unexpectedly chic result, then kid-ify with lighthearted accessories such as a freewheeling art print or animal curio. Soft Clouds Blanket, $43, 


Need we elaborate? They're magical. They're imagination think tanks. They're everywhere--and we're not even close to saying 'when.' Teepee, $249, 


Color-match the wall and furniture paint to the shelves for a totally unexpected twist on the traditional notion of a palette. Bonus: this also works as a spotlight for artwork and toy collections. Wall Shelf, $35, 


This tightly patterned floral has a hint of Little House on the Prairie to it and a dash of '90s too, but its deeply hued background keeps the effect fresh and modern. Lavender Dream (#322313), $132, 

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