The Best '90s Date Movies to Queue on Netflix for a Night In


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The ubiquity of ’90s trends across fashion and social media alike is enough to make us miss Blockbuster. Gone are the analog days of making the weekend pilgrimage to your local VHS rental shop. One thing we don’t miss about the grunge decade? Video rental late fees. Replacing the convenience of at-home streaming, is serving up a slew of ’90s favorite cinema selects this month. We’ve curated our list of films to include a DVD or digital select in each genre.

From Wes Anderson’s early works to the proper fix for anyone lamenting the finale of HBO’s limited series The Night Of, we’re counting down the top movies from the decade that will have you planning a night in with the remote. Full of stellar performances and iconic celluloid moments, these onscreen favorites are not to be missed. Action, drama, comedy… Choose your poison. Then again, why choose? We’re making a strong case for a ’90s Netflix marathon binge.

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