A Guide to Designing Your <br>Vacation Rental<br />

First world problem alert: your vacation rental is lovely, but it just doesn't feel like home. We know, there are more pressing issues in life (like why Chris Harrison feels the need to point out when we're down to the final rose--we can count buddy!). But for anyone who has ever spent their hard-earned money on a short or long-term getaway and felt out of their element in their surroundings, this one's for you. We've put together a handy design kit for sprucing your temporary shelter, from atmosphere pick-me-ups like portable speakers and graphic throws, to luxe touches including Acqua di Parma handsoap, to the essentials: a wine-opener, but of course, and a stash of coffee worth waking up to.
 Border Bed Linens, From $290,  Carriere Freres Candle, $60, Voice One Speaker, $418,
Extra Large Hunter's Tote, $35, Bella Donovan Coffee, $17, Linen Slippers, $50,
Rowenta Vacation Steamer/Iron, $40,  Rippled Stripe Throw, $185, Colonia Soap, $59, 


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