10 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations So Good You Won't Want to Leave

As honeymoon season approaches, you may be racking your brain for the right . and are gorgeous, but there’s only one problem—the price. They’re such sought-after destinations that accommodation rates are sky-high, even during the off-season. If you’re in the middle of planning a honeymoon, you may feel like the burgeoning costs of plane tickets, accommodations, and transportation are piling up rapidly.

Well, we’re here with good news: Having a budget to abide by doesn’t mean forfeiting your dream honeymoon. In fact, there are a number of gorgeous, affordable throughout the world that can be enjoyed without breaking the bank. The perfect honeymoon doesn’t mean having to leave the country or even your state. (Although, it is possible to do so, even on a budget.) Keep reading for 10 breathtaking destinations that make for affordable honeymoons—and then start planning for paradise.


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