Design Ideas to Steal From Our Favorite Airbnbs

Updated 05/06/19

There's no doubt travel broadens the mind. Exploring new cultures both stateside and abroad consistently educates our eye, allowing for new ideas and fresh perspectives to blossom. From small-space hacks to ingenious storage solutions, our affinity for taking is well documented. While our love for the impeccably curated hospitality of luxury retreats will never die, lately we've found ourselves smitten with a whole new untapped resource in the travel design realm—Airbnb.

If you're looking to channel the authentic voice of a particular destination in your own space, look no further. Airbnb rentals take a storied approach to interior design, offering up warm and inviting dwellings full of lived-in moments and chock-full of individual personality. To prove our point, we assembled a few of our very favorite rooms on the market. Breaking down our favorite design elements from each space, these easily replicated Airbnb décor ideas off fixes are tailor-made for renters.

You'll either plan a vacation or a redesign. We leave the decision to you.


Colour Inside the Lines

This is full of décor elements ideal for renters. Integrate color with vibrant rugs and a statement gallery wall. You'll achieve a spirited symmetry and still manage to keep the walls and hardware in mint condition.

West Elm Enclave Rug $499 $250

Embrace Your Dark Side

 in Victoria, Australia, takes surf-shack chic to inventive new lengths. Jet-black leather and moody, washed-out dark wood paneling may not be the first things that come to mind for beachside décor, but they're entirely charming. 

Anna Karlin Leather Sling Chairs $8500

Tie In Statement Lighting

This  succeeds in integrating sophisticated design points in a way that is entirely kid-friendly. Splurge on original vintage lighting fixtures and impactful works of art. A chalkboard accent wall ties the high-contrast elements together for a look that is steeped in improvisational cool. 

Vintage Industrial Spider Arm Chandelier $994

Set the Mood With Art

This , relies on a single oversize photograph to set the tone for a crisp and clean bedroom. Nothing evokes mood like emotive works of art. Channel the exact vibe you're going for by selecting pieces that send out seriously good vibrations. 

Dafy Hagai Ripples $140

Mix Family-Friendly Antiques

Antiques go the distance in the durability department. If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, selecting worn-in furniture with great weight and structure is a move that promises to hold up over time—withstanding rowdy play sessions to unforeseen spills. Metallics, woods, and leathers are foolproof choices. Mixing and matching several different styles and periods creates an energy that feels youthful and at ease.

Smeg '50s Retro Style Refrigerator $2999

Have a Poster Party

Still working on building out your gallery-wall budget? Opt for bright vintage film poster reprints. Pair bold graphic designs with quiet, architectural furnishings. An additional pop of nostalgic hue gives new life to a traditional, pared-down aesthetic while remaining beautifully streamlined.

Mon Oncle Movie Poster $5

Bring the Outdoors In

This , ingeniously blends outdoor furniture with soulful vintage and antiques. Pairing Acapulco chairs with a bright crimson vintage rug… Why didn't we think of that? The unexpected, breezy mood is entirely on-point for summer.

Innit Designs Acapulco Chair $337

Elevate Your IKEA

We love a . Greenery and thoughtful accessories, even when somewhat haphazardly arranged, liven up basic storage pieces. Keep your shelving simple and pepper in special pieces of vintage to take the shelfie game up a notch.

IKEA Algot Wall Upright Shelves $160

Create a Corner Escape

This cobalt daybed moment is the sort of nook we dream of taking a time-out in. If your floor plan has a patch of dead space, consider flipping it into a quaint reading area. A single statement piece of furniture paired with distinctive artwork instantly transforms a small space into the most covetable corner in the house.

Innovation Napper Daybed $739

Curate Well-Vacationed Cool

Located in New South Wales, Australia, is a den of Indonesian- and Indian-inspired treasures. The home features a slew of well-appointed antiques from . Get the look with artifacts and details collected from your travels. Rooms that tell a story have the best personalities.

Chairish 19th Century Antique Syrian Mother of Pearl Inlay Wedding Trunk $3500

Edit the Essentials

Located in the wilds of the California high desert, this  melds green design with sleek, impactful accents. We love the black-and-white aesthetic for allowing the stunning natural views to take center stage. Sculptural furniture echoes the rich topography without pulling focus.

Cowan Modern Classic Black Metal Wicker Chair $1035 $828

This post was originally published on August 8, 2016, and has since been updated.

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