You Can Curl Up With 1000 Free Books This Winter, Thanks to Amazon



 is known for pushing the envelope in terms of customer satisfaction and freaky-fast delivery. Headed by CEO Jeff Bezos, the Seattle-based tech empire is arguably as innovative as Apple, spearheading efforts to create self-driving cars, delivery drones, and, most recently, a food delivery service. But when it's not constructing an  and building the Amazon empire from the ground up, the tech company is making readers' dreams come true.

According to , a new service called  will allow Amazon Prime members to borrow more than 1000 books, magazines, comics and more from the tech magnate. Prime Reading is bundled in Amazon's $99-per-year Amazon prime service, which already includes free two-day shipping, early access to all Amazon deals, and instant video streaming.

Prime Reading is available on any e-reader device, so you don't need a purchase a Kindle in order to take advantage of the program. You can reportedly borrow up to 10 titles at once, pulling from an expansive selection that includes , Vogue, and Entertainment Weekly, reports Real Simple.

Would you try out Prime Reading? , and sign up for  to reap all the benefits.