Take a Walk Through Anna Wintour's Enchanting Long Island Garden

 has long been mythologized as a sort of fashion ice queen whose perceived frosty demeanor is cemented by her collection of designer sunglasses. But,  so eloquently captures, there's a softer side to Vogue's editor in chief. Together with photographer , videographer , and landscape architect Miranda Brooks, we are introduced to Wintour's spellbinding home garden on Long Island. 

From the intuitive yet calculated layout of the 40-acre garden to the golden glow of the summer sun, the resulting video tour is almost as relaxing as strolling through the garden on a Sunday afternoon. Brooks's anecdotal expertise punctuates the video seamlessly, giving you a firsthand impression of the amount of time, dedication, and upkeep that goes into maintaining the grounds year after year.

Tour Wintour's soothing garden escape below, and  to give your backyard sanctuary a similar glow.



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