Ask Estee: <br>Best Neutral Paint Colors<br/>

  • QHow do you pick the perfect neutral paint shade for the perfect room?
  • I talk a lot about the merits of neutral walls, but when it comes to the precise paint color, I have a few favorites depending on the room.
I use Benjamin Moore's  and Ralph Lauren's  in a bathroom or kitchen, where you want a brighter effect. Dunn Edwards'  is great for bedrooms, as it gets a little creamier and feels a bit cloudy and relaxing. I don't like a bright white in the bedroom, so this shade is just a little off. Benjamin Moore's  works just about anywhere. Every designer I know seems to use it, and it's a great white, but you really have to put a swatch up in the house, because it always changes depending on the light.    Photograph: Courtesy

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