Grasie Mercedes

Contributor | from New York City


The book that changed my life:  by Steven Pressfield.

The most amazing meal I've ever had: Every meal at Mozza Osteria in Los Angeles.

The morning and nighttime routines I swear by: At night, I remove my makeup with Neutrogena , then wash with , then I add  before moisturizing with . In the a.m. I use  from Burt’s Bees to wash my face and  with SPF. This is my current routine though I like to change it up often.

The best décor hack I've learned: The magic of tile! With our cosmetic renovations I was consistently surprised at how much the right tile can transform a room.

My interior stylist spirit animal is: Caroline Wolf from HomePolish. If I were an interior stylist I would be her.

The Instagram handles I follow religiously are: @mattcrump @whowhatwear @designwithinreach

This season, my go-to cocktail order is: Whiskey Sour but like a real mixology version with fresh squeezed lemon, simple syrup, top shelf whiskey or bourbon, and a delicious Luxardo maraschino cherry on top!

The first lesson I learned as an Adult with a capital A: Trust the timing of your life! Everything happens when it’s supposed to not when other people say it is.

The most surprising thing I learned from a MyDomaine story is: ! It’s very exciting to know my creativity hasn’t peaked yet.