12 Words That Should Vanish From Your Office Vocab

Sometimes in the corporate world it can feel like your officemates are speaking a different language. People regularly use certain words or phrases to make them sound more important, smart, or on top of things. However, as  is reporting, it’s high time some phrases get phased out of your vocabulary. The site came up with a list of 19 words and phrases that are totally overused in the work space. Here are 12 that we agree with.

  1. Paradigm. Use model or example instead.
  2. Strategic. You’re at work; everything you do should be strategic, right?
  3. Think outside the box. It’s simply overused. When you say it, you’re confirming that you’re inside the box.
  4. Honestly. As Kamara Toffolo puts it on Mashable, “‘I was really hoping for your dishonest opinion or observation,’ said no one ever.”
  5. Reach out. If you’re sending an email or making a phone call, you’re already reaching out, so you don’t need to write it out.
  6. Guru. Simply put, it’s overused.
  7. Off the grid. Just say you’re not checking your email!
  8. Face time. If you want to see someone in person, ask for a meeting. They might confuse it with FaceTime.
  9. Ninja.
  10. Rock star. Along with ninja, it’s used too often to describe an expert or someone who is doing an amazing job.
  11. It’s not rocket science. Rocket science isn’t the only thing that’s hard in the professional world.
  12. On a go-forward basis. Time only moves forward, so this phrase doesn’t really make much sense.

To learn what else you shouldn’t be doing in the workplace, read .

What office-speak terms are you over?