And Now, Here's Everything You Need to Pack for a Day at the Beach

Getting ready for a day at the beach, especially when you're planning with a big group, is always a little hectic. The stakes are high: If you forget just one essential thing, you run the risk of having to interrupt your perfect beach day for a run to the nearest store or back to the house—or put a halt to your entire day.

We've all been here: arriving at the beach with the intention of having the perfect day and then realizing that you've forgotten sunscreen, , food, or water. There is no worse feeling than having to flee the beach because you were unprepared. Don't make the same mistake this Fourth of July weekend.

To help you live your best life at the beach this summer, we rounded up our favorite beach essentials you need to add to your bag stat. From the best sunscreen approved by  editors to our favorite selection of beach towels, games, summer reads, you'll never need to leave the beach. Pack that beach bag—the waves are waiting. 

And now, .

This post was originally published on June 29, 2017, and has since been updated.

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