The Best Books for Your Toddler (They're Mom Approved)

Did you know that from birth to age 3, a child’s brain produces ? The brain, our most phenomenal organism, skyrockets in development during the early years, making reading the young brain’s best friend.

Science that reading to your baby, toddler, or young child boosts their vocabulary and strengthens reasoning, conceptual abilities, and memory. For example, the ability to recognize familiar words or anticipating to the next word in the sentence. Also, a high-quality book can act as a safe classroom for toddlers to develop new understandings of human behavior.

But outside of the incredible developmental benefits, and perhaps more important, reading gives you a genuine way to when it can sometimes feel you're miles away from each other. Could you imagine coming home to tell your toddler about your mundane day at work or trip to the doctor's office? Getting lost in a good book will always come to the rescue and provide thoughtful, engaging, and humorous material for bonding.

To ensure you have great options, we consulted both our mom group and community pediatricians to curate a well-rounded list of books you'll both enjoy. From nostalgic classics to heartfelt comedy, there's something in here for any proud parent. Happy reading.