The "Eat Like a Gilmore" Cookbook Just Came Out—Get Yours Here

Updated 09/28/17

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Best Bread And Pasta Recipes
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The brand-new  cookbook was made for you. Whip up some of Sookie's famous risotto or Luke's Diner–style cheeseburgers while you watch the newly released  trailer on a loop. 

 their favorite bread and pasta swap recipes to get you to January. From slow-cooker eggplant lasagna to twice-baked spaghetti squash mac and cheese, you'll still get all the comfort without the calories.

You're in luck: London-based company  has just launched in the United States. Stratajet essentially brings private air travel to the masses, offering discounted prices, membership-free access, and an intuitive, app-based booking platform for iOS and Android. !

Brooklyn-based company Keap is bringing you candles, Warby Parker style. The startup allows you to "try on" up to four different candle scents in your home before purchasing your favorite. Start with their 

Fill your Netflix queue with creepy classics like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Addams Family, and Scream 2, because they'll all be gone starting November 1.  for the full list of departing titles.

Take notes from Momofuku's famous Milk Bar and upgrade your morning latte with cereal milk. !

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