The 17 Cookbooks We Spilled On, Stained, and Barely Shelved in 2018


Original Graphic by Viviana Duron

From highly anticipated debuts by rising recipe creators to long-awaited volumes by some of the most  in the industry, there were a lot of  to consider while compiling this semi-official list of the best cookbooks of 2018. However, in the end, we decided to edit our selection down to the cookbooks that we actually stained with olive oil, burned the edges of (just a little!), and reached for time and time again throughout the year.

Spanning an approachable collection of recipes that make Middle Eastern–inspired flavors accessible to the  to an inspiring manifesto packed with recipes that celebrate cooking for one as delightful and empowering, these are the cookbooks that we spilled on, stained, and barely shelved in 2018. Keep scrolling to find out which 17 cookbooks are so good that we anticipate we'll still be cooking from them will into 2019.