The 30 Best Family-Friendly Movies on Netflix for Fun, Cringe-Free Streaming

Updated 04/30/19
Best Family-Friendly Movies on Netlix
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After weeks of organizing and rescheduling, you've finally rallied the troops for family night. You've enjoyed a special , played a few games, and caught up, so now it's time to cuddle up with a movie, which is when the bickering usually sets in. Johnny wants to watch an animated movie, Jill wants to see an action flick, you're in the mood for a  tear-jerker, and the dog is insisting on an . We all know how this thing goes, especially when you're streaming on Netflix and the sorting features that prioritize content based on past preferences make your differences glaringly obvious.

Well, we're here to deliver some conflict prevention with a watchlist of family-friendly movies on Netflix that will help you skip the extensive movie selection process. It's easy to get carried away looking through all of the options and before you know it, it's little Jill's bedtime. Below, you can read through the quick descriptions of the  on Netflix, their ratings and age recommendations, and then choose a movie you'll all want to watch.

Now all you have left to decide is whether you'll be making classic or kettle popcorn—but then again, why choose when you can have both? We've organized it in order of PG-13 movies to PG and ending with G so you can jump to the ones most . We promise kids won't have to block their ears and cover their eyes during any raunchy scenes.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before $11

The rom-com genre is finally getting some love again in 2018, and we're definitely here for it. Especially when Noah Centineo, the dreamboat of all dreamboats, gets plenty of screen time. The coming-of-age movie is about a high school girl, Lara Jean, whose romantic fantasies are leaked to all the love interests she's ever had. It's also just a sweet film about growing up with sisters and single dad. Everyone will find something to relate to, no matter their age. 

Rated: TV-14

: 11+

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Mamma Mia! $11

Sing-a-longs are arguably the most fun movies to watch as a family. It'll loosen everyone up and encourage everyone to just have fun and not take themselves too seriously, and this one is particularly fun to watch. In this light-hearted movie, Sophie tries to figure out who her birth father is during her wedding weekend at her mother's Greek island hotel. Think summer vibes and campy musical shenanigans. 

Rated: PG-13

: 9+

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Lord of the Rings $11

Lord of the Rings is one of the most definitive must-sees for all fantasy fanatics, so you will be very pleased to hear that it's on Netflix. Even if you're new to the genre, it'll probably become your new favorite movie. It's a story about a great quest that involves hobbits, wizards, dwarfs, elves, and more otherworldly lure along with a dazzling script, exciting adventures, and interesting characters and relationship dynamics. 

Rated: PG-13

: 11+

Up Next on Netflix: Star Wars

Marie Antoinette $11

If your family loves fashion and history, this Sofia Coppola film is a must-watch. It's a biopic about Marie Antoinette, the Austrian teen who married into the French royal family and ended up being the queen only to lose her head later during the revolution. She's the one who told us we could eat our cake. If only it were that simple…

Rated: PG-13

: 13+

Up Next on Netflix: A Beautiful Mind

Lion $11

This movie follows an Indian orphan who is adopted by an Australian family as he retraces his roots and tries to find his birth family as an adult. It's heartwarming, beautiful, gripping, and full of adventure. 

Rated: PG-13

: 11+

Up Next on Netflix: The Aviator

Moonrise Kingdom $11

Quirky, fun, and oh so fashionable, Moonrise Kingdom will please anyone with an appreciation for aesthetics. Like all Wes Anderson films, it's as if you're looking at the world as you know it through a slightly more beautiful and off-beat lens. The delivery is intentionally flat or overdone, the children seem to roam around like adults (and the real adults aren't really around), and wild adventures are just that—no potential for any real danger. In this way, the film is perfect for a mixed audience of adults and children, as there are always multiple layers of meaning.


Rated: PG-13

: 12+

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Lincoln $11

This a great movie to watch when you're in the mood for a good story but also want to watch something with educational value. It is a bit slow since its a political biopic, but for the right crowd, it's definitely entertaining. It hones in specifically on Abraham Lincoln's work to pass the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery. 

Rated: PG-13

: 11+

Up Next on Netflix: The Imitation Game

Queen of Katwe $11

Ten-year-old Katwe lives in a Ugandan slum and struggles each day until she meets a man who teaches her how to play chess. She has a natural curiosity, passion, and talent for the game, and under his mentorship, she quickly becomes a top player, traveling to compete in tournaments. You'll be rooting for her entire way and also see inspiring displays of community support and connection. 

Rated: PG

: 9+

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The Secret Life of Pets $11

Have you ever wondered what your pets do all day when you leave the house? Now's your chance to find out. Each pet in this fun animated film is full of life and character. There's Max, a spoiled terrier; Duke, a big canine who doesn't like to take orders; Snowball, a brave and feisty bunny; and a group of alley cats with an independent streak. 

Rated: PG

: 6+

Up Next on Netflix: The Little Prince

Before the Flood $11

Leonardo Dicaprio's documentary does a phenomenal job packaging the complex issues of climate change and global warming into something that's digestible, uplifting, educational, and inspiring. 

Rated: PG

: 7+

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Moana $11

Complete with great music by same person who created Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda; brave and inspiring characters; and plenty of teachable moments, Moana is one of the best animated movies from recent years. It's about a Polynesian princess on a mission to save her community. 

Rated: PG

: 5+

Up Next on Netflix: Shrek

The Truman Show $11

This metafictional classic is about a man whose entire existence is confined to a TV show, unbeknownst to him. It's a great introduction to satire and science-fiction. The movie is about how he discovers that he's being manipulated by the show's producers and eventually comes up with an escape plan. 

Rated: PG

: 8+

Up Next on Netflix: Get Smart

The Little Rascals $11

Mischievous and goofy as they are, the little rascals are beyond lovable. The premise of the movie is that a group of boys form an anti-girl club. When one of the boys ends up falling for a female classmate, they do everything they can to break them up. It's a fun throwback film to watch together as a family and it'll give your kids some context if you've ever teased them about their hair sticking straight up. 

Rated: PG

: 6+

Up Next on Netflix: Step Sisters

The Princess Diaries $11

This coming-of-age story reinforces the importance of family bonding, which is fitting for the occasion. It'll also make you fall in love with San Francisco, and there are plenty of fun characters to make you laugh, learn, and empathize with.

Rated: G

Age Recommendation: 8+

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101 Dalmations

Who doesn't love oohing and ahhing over puppies? This Disney classic brings the animated version to life, and who better than Glen Close to play Cruella de Vil? Fair warning, it's very hard to resist jumping through the screen to play with and hug all the puppies.

Rated: G

: 5+

Up Next on Netflix: Dr. Strange

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