How NOT to Order Flowers Online

From a to a , here at Domaine, we're suckers for a pretty floral arrangement. That said, we know how tricky ordering blossoms online can be (see: cheesy bouquets that look nothing like their photo, stems that arrive limp and brown). Hence, just in time for Valentine's Day, we devised this handy cheat sheet to navigating the online flower market. We also threw some of our favorite delivery services into the mix. Now aren't we a good bud? _2 Keep it Simple Simplicity of style is key when you're ordering online. Stick to arrangements which feature a single species or have various types of flowers but all of the same color or color-family. Say Bye-Bye to Baby's Breath Avoid bouquets full of unnecessary and cliché fillers. Baby's breath, spray florals, and abundant greenery can detract from the beauty of the main stems and tend to overwhelm the arrangements. Forget Being Color Coordinated While there can be exceptions, avoid arrangements that come in novelty or colored vases. The red vase, red roses, and red ribbon can be a little...much. Stay Classy Sending flowers is a sentimental gesture but when they are arranged in the shape of a cake, a teddy bear, or a heart, they've crossed into saccharin territory. There's Power in the Petite Bigger is not always better. Some of the chicest arrangements are low but impactful. There's a reason images of edited, tight bouquets keep popping up on your Pinterest feed. _1 _1

 _calyx Known For: A curated selection of the best blooms available across the globe, shipped to you straight from the international grower. We Would Order: The Fair Trade Campanella Peach Roses, from $190,

 _fiona_blush Known For: Unique floral gifts packaged in handcrafted wood boxes. We Would Order: The Fiona Blush, $138,

 _white_oriental Known For: An eco-friendly and organic floral selection featuring sustainably-grown flowers. We Would Order: The White Oriental Lilies, from $65,

 _peach Known For: Farm-fresh flowers in unusual colors at wholesale prices. We Would Order: The Peach Hydrangeas, from $70,

 _lush_up Known For: A streamlined ordering system which delivers farm fresh flowers cut the same day they are ordered. We Would Order: The Lush Us, from $40,

 _prisinecube Known For: Exclusive floral designs which can be shipped to 190 different countries. We Would Order: The Pristine Cube, $75,

 _hyacinth Known For: Shipping their flowers overnight in bud form (hence the name), ensuring a long life upon their arrival. We Would Order: The Hyacinth Bouquet, $89,

Do you have a favorite flower delivery service or type or arrangement to receive? Let us know in the comments. If you're looking for more Valentine's Day inspiration and gift ideas, head to our . Photograph: Courtesy of -- By Liz Lynch