8 Classic Cocktails To Enjoy Through the Holidays

At Domaine, we're big proponents of celebrating the season via a merry cocktail or two. As such, we decided to help spread the joy by taking a look back at some of our favorite adult beverage recipes we've featured this year. Of course we couldn't pass up an opportunity to share some seasonally appropriate additions, so read on and start working on those holiday toasts. Cin cin!

cocktail-05 french75The Taste: Sweet citrus. The Base: Gin. Who's Drinking It: The fashionable Francophile. Full Recipe
cocktail-02 grapefruitrosemary The Taste: The perfect combo of summer and winter flavors. The Base: Vodka. Who's Drinking It: Stylish ladies who lunch. Full Recipe
cocktail-01 irishcoffeeThe Taste: Rich and creamy. The Base: Irish whiskey. Who's Drinking It: Pub dwellers and baristas. Full Recipe: 
cocktail-08 poinsettiaThe Taste: Bubbly and tart. The Base: Vodka and champagne. Who's Drinking It: Holiday season enthusiasts. Full Recipe
cocktail-04 angelsThe Taste: Smokey and bright. The Base: Mazcal or Tequila. Who's Drinking It: Urban cowboys. Serve In: Tall Glasses, $10,  Full Recipe
cocktail-03 whiskeyThe Taste: Refreshingly Southern. The Base: Um, whiskey. Who's Drinking It: Football fans at cocktail bars. Full Recipe
cocktail-07 mulledThe Taste: Warm and complex. The Base: A full-bodied red wine. Who's Drinking It: Your family's German exchange student. Serve In: Studio Mug, $30,  Full Recipe
cocktail-06 moscowThe Taste: Herbal and Fizzy. The Base: Vodka. Who's Drinking It: Pretty much everyone. Full Recipe
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