All the Cool Girls Book These Stylish NYC Hotels for New Year's Eve



Iconic movies and TV shows will confirm it: There's no better place to be on New Year's Eve than . The sparkling lights, the glistening snow, extravagant shop windows, and the yellow cabs zipping past all contribute to the magic of Manhattan during the holidays. And while most days, the city moves at the speed of light, it all seems to slow down as the year comes to an end—that is, until New Year's Eve.

While the enchanting charm of New York at Christmastime is undeniable, Times Square on  isn't quite as glamorous as it might seem. Crowds gather as early as the night before in anticipation of the ball drop—and people often stand in the freezing cold without food, drinks, or even toilets for hours on end.

But fear not, there's much more to New York on the last day of the year than watching a giant ball drop from the sky—and many activities happen in the best . If you plan to stay far away from Times Square, we handpicked the best hotels in NYC for New Year's Eve. 

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