The Only Kitchen Organization Tools Worth Buying, According to Top Chefs



, but you'd never know it by looking at my kitchen. At a glance, you'd see that a hefty and cast-iron skillet have taken up permanent residence on my stovetop. A precariously arranged stack of , cookie sheets, and muffin pans sits atop my fridge. And if you opened up my pantry, you'd even find a sous vide, a food processor, and an electric can opener. All this is to say that I have a lot of cooking gear crowding up my countertop and shelves.

As evinced by the aforementioned list, my is long overdue for a serious Marie Kondo-style purge. (I didn't even mention the two drawerfuls of wooden spoons, silicon spatulas, ladles, citrus juicers, and honestly, who knows what else. *Insert grimace emoji here.*) To inspire me to finally clean up my kitchen once and for all, I asked top chefs to share the products they've deemed the best kitchen organization tools.

From an ingenious set of expandable drawer organizers to a set of airtight glass jars that make spices last longer, keep scrolling to shop their picks.