11 Party Games for Adults to Make Your Next Gathering Truly Memorable

I come from a  of playfully competitive jokesters. During my childhood, this usually meant that big gatherings would involve a game of some kind. When the parents were busy, that translated to Nintendo. When the parents were involved, this spelled out a talent show. And when the parents and the children were able to compete together, this included an hours-long, do-not-mess-up, yes-grandma-is-cheating game of charades. No one was allowed to pass up this particular tradition of family bonding. And you better believe that we kept score.

That's why I love the idea of playing a  as a form of entertainment at a party. For one thing, it gets most guests included on a shared experience and allows people to climb out of their shells. For another, it switches up the predictable routine of small talk over generally pleasing music. And lastly, because I'm a product of my competitive upbringing—you're talking to the 2017 holiday champion, thank you—it's fun to win when the stakes aren't that high.

The next time you're hosting a , take out one of these 11 games to play with either friends or family. To be honest, there are a number of risqué options included here that wouldn't exactly make you comfortable to play in front of, say, parents and extended relatives. But all of the picks will spark laughter as players strategize, collaborate, and go for the gold together. Whatever the circumstances may be, these adult games are sure to make memories whenever you decide to play.