Is This the Next Big Kitchen Color of 2017?

December is a time of year when we sometimes find our creative sides getting a bit restless. Cooler temperatures outside mean that we end up spending more time inside, and for those of us with a passion for decorating (and redecorating), this can be a dangerously fun. When I’m getting inspired for my next project to reinvent my home for the winter, there’s one place I turn to first: Instagram. The social platform provides a seemingly unending stream of for interior design. Sometimes, my fingers can barely scroll fast enough. But there’s a benefit to being Instagram-obsessed: You can start to observe patterns in the interiors in your feed and identify which trends you connect with best.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve done some extra scrolling for you, and the results are in for the best new trend for any home this winter: kitchens with a case of the blues. While a never goes out of style, blue and white is a classic combination that’s often overlooked. From dark shades of navy to bright turquoise tones all the way to dustier blue-gray hues, we love how versatile blue can be in any kitchen. Ahead, check out Instagram’s prettiest kitchens with pops of blue.

Out with the old, in with the blue: This kitchen updates a classic blue-and-white color palette with striking modern touches. Smooth white marble countertops, sleek pendant lights, vibrant midnight-blue cabinets, and natural wood accents all come together to create clean lines and high contrast. We’d happily saddle up to this bar any day of the week.

This bold and brassy blue-gray kitchen showcases the way a more subdued shade of blue can be used as a neutral. The blue-and-white tile floors are pure perfection off the blue-gray painted cabinets, and brass hardware makes for a great shiny final touch, adding a little bit of warmth back to the cool.

A bright turquoise island in this happy kitchen is just enough color to add big personality to a room that guests are certain to be drawn to. Our favorite detail? Making the most of glass doors; they show off turquoise cabinet interiors that match back to the island, keeping the use of color purposefully connected.

Moodier blues like this navy shade add richness to any kitchen, the perfect dramatic color to hold its own against a large, stunning stovetop. To complete the blue color story from top to bottom, a blue oriental rug adds levels of dimension by bringing in additional blue hues in pattern form.

Sometimes, makes cooking, entertaining, or even cleaning a little more fun. On top of this kitchen remaining anchored in bright white, a dashing blue door is certain to brighten any chef’s day. The brass hardware enhances the crisp, fresh feeling of the space.

For a slightly more rustic look in the heart of your home, we endorse combining warm and cool tones with blue-gray cabinets and open wood shelves. Open shelves allow for a more relaxed, lived-in look, perfect for displaying cooking utensils, spices, and other objects (and also keeps them easily accessible for the resident chef). White subway tile with dark grout adds a backdrop of black-and-white contrast.

There’s an aquatic quality to this beautiful blue-and-white kitchen with a backsplash made of tiles in a fish-scale pattern. Our eyes dive into the gradient color of the tiles, which incorporate a spectrum of light shades of oceanic blues and seafoam greens. The choice to paint a blue accent wall to frame the window and match back to the tiles? Genius.

This kitchen has the perfect balance of all the right elements. The deep medium blue tone of the cabinets makes the veins of the marble counters and blacksplash really pop, turning these surfaces into abstract works of art. Plus, the hardwood floors and wood island tie back to the open wood shelves. The moments of gold are splashed across countertop décor, hardware, and even framed art leaning high above the cabinets; if you don’t see it at first, the brass finger in the corner can point you in the right direction.

From cabinets to doors to backsplashes to floors, which of these blue kitchens was your favorites?

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