The Best Boho Weddings We've Ever Seen

Updated 06/01/16
Johnny Abegg for Spell Bride

Whether you’re the happy couple or a guest, weddings are magical events filled with whimsy, romance, and radiant joy. For this reason, many brides choose to dial up the fantasy factor with a boho-inspired theme. Why? It’s perfectly imperfect and low-fuss with a super relaxed feel, which is just what every bride needs on the biggest day of her life, right? A boho reception typically has Moroccan lanterns casually hanging among the fairy lights in the garden, guests sipping champagne from mismatched flutes, and vintage furniture surrounded by earthy elements—oh, and plenty of floral crowns.

The tablescapes feature a cool mix of vintage glass bottles as vases, with local wild flowers and candles to further ignite the passion. A boho wedding might be laid back, but it never fails to be chic.

If you’ve fallen head over heels for this dreamy look as much as we have, then get ready to pin every pretty image from some of our favourites.

Liz Ham for Vogue

Candice Lake and Didier Ryan

When Australian model and photographer Candice Lake wed her architect beau, Didier Ryan, they opted for a casual setting in his parents’ garden overlooking the ocean in Sydney. Keeping in with the natural vibe of the boho theme, Lake opted for Australian wildflowers in her bouquet and a chilled out setting on the lush green lawn.

Liz Ham for Vogue
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Isabella and Dougall Briedis

Set in the magical mountains of Byron Bay, Australia Isabella of gypset clothing brand  married her beau, Dougall Briedis. Keeping in theme with the laid-back spirit, Isabella wore feathers in her hair and wed in a tipi, with the golden sunset as a magical backdrop.

Beck Rocchi for Spell Designs
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Maui Maka Photography for Vogue

Tori Praver and Danny Fuller

When model Tori Praver said yes to her lover Danny Fuller, they chose the stunning setting of Pila’a Beach, Kauai, in scenic Hawaii. Praver kept things simple, clean, and sleek, from her custom Mara Hoffman gown to the service under a tree, looking out over the ocean.

Maui Maka Photography for Vogue
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Melissa and Adam

Melissa and Adam were after a lush and natural setting for their nuptials, and after looking high and low, they stumbled on . The pair exchanged vows in the garden’s greenhouse, surrounded by vines and a handmade macramé wall hanging behind them. 

Sun + Life Photography for Green Wedding Shoes
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Hannah Thomson for Vogue

Pamela Love and Matthew Nelson

Designer Pamela Love injects her free-spirited whimsy into her jewellery, so of course her wedding had a similarly carefree vibe. Love looked like a woodland fairy with her real floral crown and garden bouquet. The reception took place in a very casual setting, with folding timber chairs and a tree-lined backdrop.

Hannah Thomson for Vogue
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Lara Hotz

Xanthe and Sam

When you have Mother Nature as your backdrop, you really don’t need much embellishment. The green beauty of the country was all Xanthe and Sam needed for the most idyllic wedding, complete with an orange orchard (which also made for a gorgeous pop of colour in the photos). The blushing bride looked like a woodland fairy with her gorgeous flower children dancing around her in matching dresses. 

Lara Hotz
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Poppy Delevingne and James Cook

As a celebrity, you can practically choose any wedding theme you like, but when Delevingne married James Cook, she opted for boho in the truly enchanting Morocco. Her Pucci dress perfectly matched the region, with colorful embroidered flowers and a floating train: Delevingne was a vision. The breathtaking reception was included traditional lanterns, gold dining chairs, and flowers everywhere.

Terry Munson Photography for Town & Country
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Chantel Marie for Every Last Detail

Kelsie and Brayden

Kelsi and Brayden kept their ceremony low-key yet luxe. The pair opted for a simple, rustic farmhouse, which they embellished with raw timber details, provincial flowers in vintage glass bottles, and personal signage. We are so in love with the bride’s handmade leaf crown, which we all want to wear, wedding or not.

Chantel Marie for Every Last Detail
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