5 Books About Dreams You Should Read If Yours Have Been Weird Lately

Everyone on earth has different talents, different childhoods, and different perspectives, and those traits provide a complexity to our waking lives. But one simple thing all of us have in common is a need for , and there's something comforting in that fact.

Whether we're aware of it while sleeping or not, everyone dreams too, and dreams typically have common themes. We're all familiar with the dream of falling or swimming in surreal surroundings, or of being visited by a certain person or transported to a specific place. Since all of these experiences feel real, it's only natural to be curious about what they all mean.

That's why we've gathered five books on the topic of dream interpretation, which range from providing insights into thousands of symbols—like swimming in the ocean or interacting with a long-lost relative—to studying the different types of  we all experience.

Whether you're the type of person who can recount their dreams as soon as you awake, or you fall into the category of never remembering dreams at all, these books are a fun and educational way to understand this universal state. And who knows? Maybe they'll inspire you to get more , too. After all, the more time you have to sleep, the easier it will be to dream.