The One Gmail Hack Every Professional Should Know


In 2015, Americans sent Yes, it's safe to say that for many office dwellers among us, firing off a torrent of emails at lightning speed has eclipsed phone conversations or talking face-to-face. But as email becomes second nature, .

In a bout of rapid-fire back-and-forth messages, it's easy to treat work emails as you would a casual conversation, but if you forgo a formal greeting, don't know how to structure a subject line, or don't carefully choose your words, science suggests you're making a big error—one that could have a serious impact on your career. 

That's where this genius Gmail hack comes in. Boomerang for Gmail has just launched a shiny new feature to its standard plug-in that helps users schedule emails and set follow-up reminders. It's called Boomerang Respondable and it's going to revolutionize every message you send.

Here's how it works: Once you've (or reinstalled the new plug-in if you're already a user), a new bar will appear when you compose an email. As you start typing, Boomerang Respondable uses an algorithm to determine several factors, including the length of your subject, the number of questions posed in the message, and whether the words used have negative or rude connotations. 


Scored badly in one parameter? The plug-in also offers a way to reform the poorly written message. Simply click on the score to find out why your email ranks badly and how to change it. For example, if you tend to send emails with complex, unnecessary words, it offers the information, "Surprisingly, emails written at a third-grade reading level are most likely to get a response." In other words, simplify your sentences and remove any confusing words for a better chance at receiving a response. Handy!

 and tell us if it changes the way you write emails.