A New Startup Wants to Be the Casper of Sofas

The Casper revolution is upon us. The online retailer changed the way we buy mattresses with its easy-to-ship, , so it was only a matter of time before other companies followed suit.

Introducing , a Philadelphia-based startup that has applied the Casper mattress formula to a sofa. Shipped directly to your door in four boxes, the Burrow sofa can be assembled in less than 10 minutes without the use of any tools, according to the company.

As for the couch’s design, Burrow is starting off small, with one couch model that comes in ($700) and ($850). Buyers can also choose from an array of fabrics and colors and will eventually have the option to add different arms and legs. For now, though, the core couch is the same, which means if you take pride in owning pieces of furniture with unique, one-of-a-kind design, Burrow’s couch might not be for you.


To make up for the lack of variety, Burrow’s founders added a variety of clever features to make their product more attractive to consumers. Not only is the material stain-resistant, but the couch also comes equipped with built-in power outlets and USB ports. Couple that with how easy it is to assemble, and Burrow just may have stumbled on the couch of the future.

What do you look for in the perfect couch?