Carrie Bradshaw's 10 Favorite Fashion Trends Are Sitting at Zara

Updated 12/19/18
Carrie Bradshaw style
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If you’re a fan of (and who among us hasn’t borrowed a few ideas from the fashion icon’s closet?), you can shop her favorite trends straight from Zara. That’s right, my friends. Fourteen years after the  show wrapped on HBO and eight years after the last movie was released, Carrie Bradshaw’s style is more relevant than ever—and the pieces are all hiding in plain sight over at Zara.

This occurred to me after a recent scroll through Zara’s latest arrivals. Clear vinyl heels? Carrie wore those standing in front of The Plaza Hotel. A strapless blue tube top? Yes, that’s was definitely a staple in her closet. A vintage faux-fur coat? That’s probably one of the pieces from her wardrobe that got the most mileage. Ahead, see for yourself all of the pieces from Zara that are , and shop them for yourself.

Carrie Bradshaw fashion at Zara
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Faux-Fur Coat

Carrie's vintage-feeling faux-fur coat is one of the pieces she got the most mileage from on Sex and the City.

Zara Faux Fur Coat $169
Carrie Bradshaw style at Zara
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Again and again, Carrie wears pieces that reference the '80s.

Zara Gathered Ruffle Dress $70
Carrie Bradshaw shoes at Zara
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Naked Heels

If there's one thing that's clear, it's that Carrie loves shoes more than anything else in her closet. These vinyl naked heels are a dead ringer for the style she's wearing here.

Zara Vinyl Strap Shoes $60
Carrie Bradshaw outfits at Zara
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Utility Pants

Cargo pants are making a comeback for 2019. If you're still contemplating how to wear them, take a page from Carrie's book and layer them under a dress.

Zara Cargo Pants $50
Carrie Bradshaw shopping at Zara
Everett Collection

Floral Minidress

She loves a mini hemline like the floral dress here. Make yours feel very Carrie Bradshaw by cinching it with a crystal belt.

Zara Floral Print Wrap Dress $50
Carrie Bradshaw fashion picks at Zara
Everett Collection

Tube Top

Who else is ready for a tube top resurgence?

Zara Strapless Top $36
Carrie Bradshaw shopping picks at Zara
Everett Collection


Remember what I was saying about her faux-fur coat? Here she's wearing it again, but this time with a checked miniskirt.

Zara Sparkly Plaid Mini Skirt $36
Carrie Bradshaw fashion items at Zara
Everett Collection

Pageboy Hat

If Carrie taught me anything, it's that accessories can make the outfit.

Zara Plaid Nautical Hat $26
Carrie Bradshaw accessories at Zara
Everett Collection

Bucket Hat

Again making a statement with another hat trend. This bucket version couldn't feel more 2018.

Zara Rain Hat $20
Carrie Bradshaw jewelry at Zara
Everett Collection

Heart Jewelry

I'm predicting that heart jewelry will be huge in 2019. Turns out Carrie has been a fan all along.

Zara Heart Earrings $20

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