Carrie Bradshaw's 10 Favorite Fashion Trends Are Sitting at Zara


Everett Collection

If you’re a fan of (and who among us hasn’t borrowed a few ideas from the fashion icon’s closet?), you can shop her favorite trends straight from Zara. That’s right, my friends. Fourteen years after the  show wrapped on HBO and eight years after the last movie was released, Carrie Bradshaw’s style is more relevant than ever—and the pieces are all hiding in plain sight over at Zara.

This occurred to me after a recent scroll through Zara’s latest arrivals. Clear vinyl heels? Carrie wore those standing in front of The Plaza Hotel. A strapless blue tube top? Yes, that’s was definitely a staple in her closet. A vintage faux-fur coat? That’s probably one of the pieces from her wardrobe that got the most mileage. Ahead, see for yourself all of the pieces from Zara that are , and shop them for yourself.

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