Step Inside Linda Rodin's Insanely Stylish NYC Apartment

Updated 05/04/17
Linda Rodin

is undeniably cool; there's just something about her that incites inspiration and awe. Perhaps it's her original and whimsical sense of , her life-saving beauty line, or maybe her charming, beloved pet poodle, Winkie. Whatever it is, we didn't think she could get any cooler than she already was. But then we came across this New York Magazine video of Rodin inside her Manhattan apartment.

Complete with collected heirlooms and , her interiors are even more magical than you'd expect. It's hard to pick a favorite room, but we may have to go with plant-filled bathroom… Actually, it's a tie because we can't neglect to mention her sea-hued bedroom with . Watch the video below to get a taste of what it's like inside her Chelsea digs and find out what she absolutely cannot live without (Winkie being number one on the list, of course).

What items can you not live without at home? Share your top three in the comment section below.

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