Yes, You Can Cook Like a Celebrity at Home With These 15 Cookbooks

Sure, you can turn to  and  for recipe inspiration, cooking lessons, and entertaining ideas, but there's another group of people that never fails to motivate imitation, even when it comes to getting in the kitchen: celebrities. Not only can they act, sing, and design, but many of them can also cook—at least, that's according to the plethora of celebrity cookbooks available for your reading pleasure on Amazon.

Everyone from  to  seems to have a cookbook these days and, to be honest, we're not mad about it. Each book allows you to experience another facet of the celebrity's life, including their family traditions, favorite foods, and health secrets. Think of them as a memoir told through the lens of eating. For instance, reading Kris Jenner's cookbook is like going behind the scenes of an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and turning the pages of 's latest culinary feat is like getting a customized healthy living plan from the actress.

Whether you love the celebrity's work or admire their healthy lifestyle, there's an A-list cookbook that belongs on your shelf. Here are 15 of the best celebrity cookbooks you can buy.