13 Classic French Dishes You Need to Master at Home

At culinary school, students are taught traditional French techniques, like how to make , the difference between julienne and chiffonade, and the importance of mise en place. Why? Because in the food world,  is considered the basis of all other styles of cuisine. If you know how to make a fricassée or hollandaise, you can certainly make macaroni and cheese or Caesar salad.

What if we apply the same sort of thinking to the home cook? If the culinary student should master the techniques of a world-renowned , shouldn’t the home cook master the techniques of the everyday French kitchen? Julia Child certainly thought so—this is what she built her entire career upon!

However, in the past couple of years, the emphasis on home cooking has trended toward faster, easier preparations, and  have fallen by the wayside. Isn’t it high time we take back the kitchen? We think so. Why not slow down, cook authentic traditional French foods, and enjoy the meal with a bottle of good wine? To inspire you to tie on your apron and channel your inner grand-mère, here are 13 quintessentially classic French dishes every home cook should perfect. Bon appétit!

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