How to Keep Your Whites White

White interiors are totally sophisticated, perfect for spring, and utterly timeless. But white can be a real pain and there's no skirting the issue, any mark shows. Luckily, has compiled a list of popular white household items and the best way to keep them looking their best. via MGLM Architects Upholstery: To prevent disaster, your fabrics to form a barrier against stains and spills. For spot treating, the mag recommends cornstarch, salt, or commercial stain removers - after spot treating in a hidden area. When in doubt, professional upholstery cleaners make house calls. Justin Coit Walls: The key here is to start simple with water alone. If that doesn't do the trick, attempt to remove marks with a mix of mild dish soap and water, and if needed, move onto an all-purpose cleaner such as . Cleansers can remove dirt, but may take paint with them, so consider a tool like if there's a stubborn smudge. Daniel Collopy Sheets: Due to the gentle nature of the fibres, the experts would refrain from bleaching sheets and instead recommend an oxygen-based cleanser like . Repeatedly drying sheets on high heat is also known to cause yellowing so let those puppies air dry when you can. See the full list of tips at . Photographs: via , ,