10 Typical Vacation Snaps on Instagram (That We Secretly Love)

We’re just going to come out and admit it: There’s something a little cheeky about posting a blatantly clichéd travel photograph on Instagram. We know, our high-brow reaction is to instantly dismiss , but there is a reason these shots are so popular—they capture the things we adore most about traveling, whether that be sipping on a cocktail at sunset, taking in an unforgettable view, or wandering the cobbled streets of an exotic town.

Those of us with a shared sense of wanderlust love watching our virtual friends adventures unfold, even if it does cause a ping of envy. In celebration of these unabashed cliché travel photographs, we mined our favorite travel bloggers to find the classic vacation shots we’re all guilty of. Here’s to the best cliché travel Instagrams—if you can’t beat them, join them.