The Food That Tastes Like Vacation (and Reduces Cellulite and Wrinkles)

When it comes to that offer a ton of science-backed benefits, nothing is more multipurpose and summer-friendly than . It's also been one of the most controversial foods in the health and wellness community since it contains some healthy saturated fats. But it turns out that the . From lowering cholesterol to perfecting your skin, offering tons of delicious meal options, and even functioning as a cute prop to pose with while you're , coconuts clearly have an extensive list of pros. Plus, coconut comes in many different forms, like a beverage or an oil.

Since coconut can be used to treat a variety of issues or desires, we decided to sift through the noise by highlighting the nine best ways to use it and why. So if you want to introduce natural remedies into your skincare routine as well as improve your overall health and , or you simply love the smell and taste of this fragrant fruit, scroll through our list to get the full details below. We'll start with skincare, then discuss the nutritional properties that may improve health, and finish by sharing some of our favorite recipes that call for coconut. Keep reading for the six major benefits of coconut.