This One Morning Ritual Could Help Jolt You Awake in the Best Way

Not everyone can be a . For some, waking up at the crack of dawn to hit a 6 a.m. workout before coming home to read emails is the best part of the day—the time when you can get so much accomplished before the world even wakes up. For others, this time is best spent catching up on precious z's, and anything that would attempt to derail that plan—an abrasive alarm, a dog begging to go for a walk, or the sound of a siren howling in the middle of the night—is pure blasphemy.

These  are made for the latter camp—the one that would trade anything for an extra nine minutes of sleep. If waking up to the sweet scent of espresso sounds like your idea of heaven, consider waking up to a coffee-scented candle. Simply light it up at the first sound of your alarm, , and let the rich delicious fragrance do the rest. We guarantee you'll feel reinvigorated as soon as the second snooze hits. Convinced? We rounded up the seven best coffee-scented candles on the market.