Color Palette:
Smallville Brights

Much ink has been spilt over actor Henry Cavill's unfeasibly chiseled superheroic features, but it's the above still of the precocious Cooper Timberline as a young Clark Kent in Zack Snyder's forthcoming epic Man of Steel that is currently capturing our imaginations. The frame's exhilarating blend of sky blues, field-greens, and fresh laundry reds has us redecorating our favorite nephew's bedroom, and it looks something like this: 1. Valspar's is the ideal wall color for this more sophisticated take on the typical kids' room. Offset the muted shade with a lighter tone--we love the idea of a wood floor painted in Behr's sky-blue --and a darker, more traditional hue for the window treatments, such as Benjamin Moore's . 2. This sea of blue is begging for an off-kilter accent to drive home the youthful atmosphere: a rug or duvet cover in Benjamin Moore's will add much-needed zest. 3. The bathroom is the perfect setting for a classic fire-engine-red moment: we love Behr's paint for a vibrant pop of color. Keep it sophisticated and neatly contained with a whisper of gray on the window trim, courtesy of Valspar's .   dh-about-hue
"Polo Blue" #2062-10, $37,  "Coastal Mist" #520-E1, $33, "Niagara Blue" #C121, $33, 
"Yew Green" #2025-20, $37,  "Red Hot" #S-G-190, $33, "Cliveden Mist" #6007-1A, $33, 
Photograph: Courtesy Warner Brothers Pictures. Illustrations: