5 Eye-Catching Ways to Rock Colorblock Walls


header1 Take a note from French art director Jean-Christophe Aumas of , who painted one wall in his living room black with three blue triangles and another with a pink rectangle outlined in a shade of yellow. "I like it when things are framed," he says. "It's a trick I use a lot in my window displays." Don't be afraid to let your creativity flow, but be mindful of selecting colors that complement each other.
Washington Blue #CW-630, From $37,  Powder Blush #1338, From $37,  Brilliant Blue #2065-30, From $37,


header2 Designers David Rager and Chari Messerli of  painted the white-washed brick walls of oyster and cocktail bar  in Paris's Le Marais freehand with a subtle shade of seafoam paint. The unique colorblock doesn't seem to follow any particular form, but functionally it provides a much-needed touch of color to the cloudy space.
Teresa's Green #236, From $93,  Calamine $230, From $93, London Clay #244, From $93, 


HEADER3 German muralist Lothar Götz livened up the historic architecture of a London gallery, , by creating a harlequin-like effect with triangular colorblocks of black, orange, pink, yellow, and teal on a soft peach-colored wall. We see this bold look succeeding in a residential interior on a large-scale accent wall or in a jewel-box space.
Salsa #2009-20, From $37,  Universal Black #2118-10, From $37,  Bright Yellow #2022-30, From $37, 


header4 A trained colorist and stylist  opted for colorblocking as an easy and low-cost way to revive the white walls of her modern Bordeaux flat, using the edges of the walls as a guide for where to paint. Carefully curated, pastel pink and muddy gray combine flawlessly to celebrate the shape of the pitched-roof room. "For me, color isn't just decorative; it highlights an area," she says." Consider this technique in a room with unusual architecture.

Belmont Pink #RLIB226, $35, Amalfi Red #RLIB230, $34, Purple Dahlia #RLIB222, $36,


header Are you a commitment-phobe? Blik has debuted two collections of wall decals (which are temporary -- and quicker than paint) in abstract shapes you can combine to produce a colorblock effect. Designed by architect , the  features geometric shapes with slanted edges, while Javid's  features straight and rectangular decals. Both can be adhered in any arrangement of your choosing and are available in four colorways.
Color Block Slant Wall Decal, $95, Color Block Parallel Wall Decal, $95,
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