This Is How All the Cool People Display Their Art at Home

Updated 08/12/17

So you've collected your favorite works and finally planned out the perfect , but wait—we have a better idea. Before you pick up the hammer, we suggest you hit the nail on the head (figuratively speaking) and forgo the hangers altogether. Instead, display your coveted prints, original paintings, and prized photography against the wall, the mantel, the cabinet, or even on the floor. Yep, all the cool kids are doing it. Why, you ask?

There's something undeniably hip about  (and often expensive) artworks with an almost aloof and nonchalant flair. It's youthful and carefree, just the kind of mood any home would want to replicate. We think the artists themselves would approve too. If you're still not convinced, we've rounded up some of —from the fireplace to the floor—to showcase how it's done. We guarantee you'll be leaning your paintings from now on. If you do become a convert, be sure to tag us with your photographic proof on social. 

How to Display Art
Bethany Nauert

There's something undeniably cool about displaying your art where book spines would normally be. These shelves double as the perfect centerpiece for framed photographs and unique prints. Choose to layer them over each other for that haphazard nonchalance. It's so cool not to care. 

Bethany Nauert

You could choose to display your favorite decorative objects on the cabinet, or you could lean your prized paintings here instead. We're gunning for the latter. We love how Los Angeles art dealer John Wolf has leaned his casually behind the formal table lamps. It adds a lived-in flavor to any space, and we're digging it big time.

Nicole Franzen

The mantel over your home's fireplace is the perfect place for displaying art. The shelf is the ideal width and height to line them up. You can mix various objets d'art around them too. We love how this one is sitting casually against an antique gilded mirror.

Paige Geffen

For our final example of this cool artsy trend, we're leaving you with our favorite place: the floor. Large pieces work best here, but your smaller prints will look just as at home too. It all comes down to the way you style it. This room would be nice but not nearly as breathtaking as it is now with the two large-scale art prints leaning against the back wall. Are you convinced now? 

Ready to try this trend at home? Let us know how it looks in the comments below or tag us on social to show us.

Molly Berman Loading Dock $850
Drew Doggett Photography Whisper $3000
Ed Freeman El Moroco Motel Photographic Print $495
Jonni Cheatwood Sandra Bullock & the Bad Cat 5 Painting $5500
Martín Reyna Untitled $1900
Alice Quaresma Violet $1700
Maria Svarbova Alone $1000
Holly Andres River Road $1800
Petra Collins 24 Hour Psycho $5000
Leslie Holt Hello Van Gogh (Band Aid) $1000
David Shrigely Run From Yourself—Price Upon Request $1907
Aline Smithson Portrait of the Photographer's Mother $2000

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