8 Inventive Food Combinations You Wish You Thought of First


If the recent storm of instructional cooking videos popping up on your social media streams is overwhelming your feeds, you're not alone. We've fallen victim to binge-watching a certain (Buzz)feed stream of food videos time and time again. And while we've certainly favorited our fair share of  and the mind-blowing fine-dining creations like bone marrow flan, we get most excited about the food videos that are actually achievable in our little .

So, thanks to these fast-paced process videos (to use the technical term), even the most novice of chefs can join the cookout after the viewing party. Ahead, we've compiled our favorite food combinations that we promise you can re-create. From an avocado-based carbonara to a pizza made with waffle batter and a waffle iron, these inventive food combinations in the form of instructional videos will provide infinite viewing—and dining—pleasure. Prepare to salivate.

What's your favorite creative recipe combination?