10 Soup Recipes to Make for Two, Crockpot Included, Because Romance Isn't Dead

Think of the most romantic meal you've ever had. Got it? If we had to guess which image came to mind, it probably wasn't along the lines of . Soup has a tendency to get lost in the shuffle of tummy-filling grand gestures, but there's something to be said about its versatility when you're looking to impress a plus one. Unlike steak, which can only be prepared a handful of ways, or chocolate, which really isn't a meal unless you're cool with cavities,  can combine innumerable flavors and textures to showcase just how thoughtful you can be. Consider the ingredients your partner loves most, and there's likely a soup for that.

We found 10 soups to share with a significant other, including plenty of  recipes for two, so that you can show your love with a spoon. These recipes cover beloved combinations like broccoli and cheese or tomato and basil and also venture into more adventurous tastes like Thai butternut squash and Tuscan white bean and lemon. No matter which one you choose to make—and you can make them all—you're sure to soon reconsider what's on your list of the most romantic meals you've ever had. Because, really, enjoying these soups with your special someone is sure to be memorable, too.