The Single, Key Ingredient That Will Dramatically Improve Your Dating Life

Anyone who's been on dating apps since their inception knows this vicious cycle all too well: You swipe right on a few promising potentials, waste precious off-time on pretending to be a witty texter, finally set up a date, and cross your fingers that it's going to be a good one. Maybe they'll hypnotize you with their deep brown eyes or charm you with their love for Frank Sinatra. If all goes according to plan, they'll make you burst out laughing on several occasions, impress you with their knowledge of weird food trends, kiss you goodnight, and follow up for a second date. But most often, dates are less than dazzling—or dare we say: basic—and you find yourself back on Bumble looking for the next string of dates. 

Even when we're ready for a relationship, the overwhelming options turn into doubts and insecurities: What if there's someone better out there? What if I don't want to open up or share my life with another human being? What if I'm unlovable (as famously coined by The Bachelor Ben Higgins)? If you're serious about finding love this year, it's time to put those doubts aside and commit to committing. To give you a little push, we tapped  matchmaker Nora Dekeyser to share with us the top dating mistakes people make on dates and how to fix them. Date better in 2017 with these pro matchmaking tips.

What are your tips for a better dating life? Share your love wisdom with us.

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