The 7 Design Trends Everyone Will Be Talking About in 6 Months

Believe it or not, 2019 is just around the corner. Once the confetti is swept away and  officially commences, a slew of  is sure to come right along with it. Rather than wait until then to start thinking about what styles will be in and which will be out, why not stay ahead of the curve and get a head start on your 2019 design upgrades right now?

We have it on good authority that a few trends you can be sure to see everywhere in six months' time are already bubbling up among those in the know. Interior designers  and  both use their resources and experience to predict which styles are making an impact, and they already have a sense of what will be big next year.

"I try to connect the dots," Okin explains. "I search for patterns, hues, fabrics, and materials that pop up repeatedly." Similarly, Beryl looks to her clients to gain a sense of what  are primed to be . "Most of our clients are quite different from each other, so it is interesting to hear the commonalities of what they're looking for," Beryl says. "If even a few of our clients are into the same thing, we know a trend is brewing," she continues.

Keep reading to find out seven home décor trends these interior designers swear you'll be seeing everywhere next year (and shop the styles while you're at it).