Decorate Your Dorm Room: A Personality-Based Guide

Everyone knows that college is a time of self-expression, and as far as we're concerned, that starts in the dorm room. We've zeroed-in on five distinct aesthetics that we think will cover most stylistic concentrations-- from you beach-adjacent undergrads, who like to echo your before-class surf habits in a wave patterned , to the modern history buff--who, let's be honest--desperately needs a David Bowie "Replaceface" . dh-college-dorm-header-01
Assembly Home Wall Bin, $34 Marble Print Pillow Cover, $39 Pinched & Glazed Planter $40,
Cotton Laundry Bag, $34 Tug o Lamp, $99 Magical Thinking Woven Blanket From $89, 
Washing Machine Hamper $30, Andy Warhol Flowers Print $21, Bjornloka Ruta Duvet Cover $30,
Carpenter Crome Lamp $70, The End Bookend $15, Espresso Austin Locker, $130
Space-Dyed Laundry Basket, $129 Vintage Task Lamp, $80 Gypsy Pens, $16
Chroma Chimes $48, Agate Bookend, $14 Magical Thinking Paisley Duvet From $79,
Adesso Spotlight Lamp, $63 Moroccan Pouf, $300 Pink Comforter, From $109
Radiant Mirror, $199 Pink Starter Set $40, Chateau Marmont Photograph From $200, 
Voyager Steamer Trunk, $829 Henley Stripe Bedding, From $10 David Bowie - Replaceface $25,
Espresso Austin Metal Box From $20,  European Style Wool Blanket, $30 Metal Clamp Desk Lamp, $55