DIY: Pig Planter

It was while she was in Miami for that Erica Domesek of  came up with the idea for her animal planter. "I stumbled upon [garden-focused gallery] , in the Design District, and they had the most amazing planters," she says. "After realizing the horse model I wanted would cost hundreds of dollars with shipping, I decided to make a version myself." Ready to work that green thumb? Read on for a quick and easy way to inject a bit of personality into your yard or patio scheme. dh-premium-slide-header-need
Pink Piglet Watering Can, $6,  Montana Gold Spray Paint in Shock White, $9, 
Expo low-odor dry erase pens, $4,  Multi-purpose scissors, from $4, 
  • 1. Dot it
  • Outline a dotted oval shape at the top of the watering can with a dry erase marker. If you want to change the shape or you make a mistake, use an eraser to remove the marker and redraw. Easy!
  • 2. Cut it
  • Starting at the watering hole, use scissors to cut out the dotted area.
  • 3. Spray it
  • Spray a thin even coat of white matte spray paint on the watering can. Apply a second layer to ensure all areas are evenly covered. Note: Spray paint should be used outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Lay down newspaper to prevent damage to your surfaces.
  • 4. Plant it
  • Measure the interior height of your vessel so you know where the pot stops and the plant will start. The idea is to plant the vessel so that it will grow into a spiky and full look while completely covering the hole you created. Check your local  for options--I suggest a mix of plants, from palms to cactuses. 
erica-signature-layout Photograph: Andrew Arthur