DIY: Snakeskin Lamp

We've all been there: you have a table lamp in your house that's functional, but utterly devoid of joie de vivre. It has a light bulb, which comes in handy when you're reading about Austria's oldest preserve maker in Monocle, but aesthetically, it's a barren wasteland. We turned to our advisor in all things DIY, Erica Domesek of, to enlist her advice on a luminescent makeover. Her answer? Reptilian duct tape. "Even though this is the year of the snake, my affinity for slithery patterns started a while back," she says, adding that one need only look to for proof that the pattern lends itself to the spotlight. Ready to turn it on?


Lite Source Blog Lamp, $70,  Snakeskin duct tape, $5,  Flat back studs, $9, 
Craft adhesive glue, $5,  Craft sticks, $6,   



1. Tape it

Begin taping on the backside of , where the cord attaches, in order to hide any raw edges. Stretch  and firmly press down around all four sides, then cut with scissors for a clean edge. Repeat this process from one end of the lamp to the other.


2. Stud it

Squeeze small dab of  onto a  and carefully glue the flat backside of a . Place the stud where desired on the lamp. Repeat for each stud, spacing evenly across the lamp. Allow for glue to dry completely on each side before beginning the next to prevent studs from falling off.