Domaine Virtual Show House

A serene and peaceful retreat with a light and neutral color palette.

  • Designed by: The San Francisco-based interior designer and  blogger.  
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 Sandy Neck Patchwork Pillow,  Rose photo by

A combination of city and country, old and new, rustic and refined.

  • Designed by: The Brooklyn-based food and lifestyle .
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 Brushstroke Table Runner, Everyday Boards,  Linen Daily Apron,

An eclectic ode to adventure, gypset-style.

  • Designed by: New York City-based stylist and editor of  , Kelly Framel.
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 Handcrafted Habibi Pillow,  Suspended concrete fireplace  Double Diamond Rug,

A walk-in-wardrobe for all seasons that swings from overstuffed to impeccably organized.

  • Designed by: Toronto-based co-founders of , Stephanie Mark and Erin Kleinberg.
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 Tina Craig's handbag collection  Julie Albert's wall of shoes  Monique Lhuillier's Hermès bag stash

A workaholic's sanctuary with books, good lighting, art, and an outdoor space with a perfectly manicured boxwood garden.

  • Designed by: The LA-based product/graphic/.
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 A Cassidy-designed Malawi Chair  Prickly Lamp by  A dramatic study with a garden view

A youthful mix of playful colors, patterns, and images with a major dose of wit and whimsy.

  • Designed by: LA-based graphic designer and  blogger Joy Cho.
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 Klimoppe wall fixture with Moth Paper Lamp,  Affiche ice cream print,  Charming Baskets,