Domaine Welcomes Byrdie:
A Vanity Style Guide

To fete our newly launched sister site , whose mission it is to spotlight the best in beauty--from celebrity makeup secrets to cult-worthy products--we're dedicating today's organizational efforts to the products that aid in all things primping. We've got every stage of your routine covered, from the secret weapons that streamline your daily rituals (hello !) to the magic touches that add a sense of occasion to your environs, be it a , or a to hold your baubles.   dh-beauty-essentials-header-01
Gold Razor/Toothbrush Holders, $52, Pearl Oyster Bath Collection, from $10, Brass Boxes, $175,
Hudson Park Glass Jars, from $26, White Hollywood Amenity Holder, $48, Acrylic Countertop Collection, from $4,
Soapstone Shallow Bowl, $28, Jali Marble Bath Collection, from $70, Luna Soap Dispenser, $50,
Woven Palms Basket, from $14, Tube Wringer, $22, Aloe Vera Jewelry Holder, $57,
mvp-02 We asked Byrdie's Editorial Director Britt Aboutaleb to share an organizational beauty secret of her own, and she gave us a genius trick: "I love Diptyque's Feu de Bois candle, and once it's burned to the bottom, you can use the jar to hold your beauty tools: regular-sized candles are great for brushes and pencils, while the mini ones are perfect for Q-tips," she says. "Stick the jar in the freezer overnight: it makes it easier to scrape away any left over wax." $60, 
  Main Photograph: Courtesy Universal Pictures

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