11 Beautiful Drawer Pulls to Upgrade Your Cabinetry

Updated 09/23/16

Can't shell out the cash for custom cabinetry but need a refresh? We feel you. Nothing can transform that seriously drab piece (or an antique in need of a modern look) into something special as effortlessly as a new set of drawer pulls. Rental-friendly, low-commitment, and big-impact? Check, check, check. From gleaming metallics to organic finishes, shop our favorites now. 

All Hands Cascara Drawer Pull $60

All Hands ($60)

Trinca Ferro Ceramic Knob $9

Trinca Ferro ($9)

Superfront Holy Wafer $17

Superfront ($17)

West Elm Bone Chevron Handle $18

West Elm ($18)

Anthropologie Octavia Knob $16

Anthropologie ($16)

Restoration Hardware Traditional Black Glass Pull $18

Restoration Hardware ($18)

Rejuvenation Holdridge Turn-Under Drawer Pull $36

Rejuvenation ($36)

House of Antique Hardware Stamped Brass Drawer Pull $7

House of Antique Hardware ($7)

A Rose Rambling Vintage Style Handles $6

A Rose Rambling ($6 for a set of two)

Signature Hardware Mountain River Gem Cabinet Knobs $16

Signature Hardware ($16)

West Elm Agate Cabinet Handle $49

West Elm ($49 for a set of two)

Which are your favorites? Tell us in the comments!

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