6 Apps That Will Make Your Commute a Breeze

Suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous rush hour can take a toll on both your punctuality and sanity. Whether it's landing the perfect parking spot sans price gouging or avoiding road closures, modern technology is here to help with easily downloadable solutions. Keep scrolling for six apps that will help you out-maneuver traffic and arrive on time—maybe (just maybe!) even early.
WHO: Waze
WHAT: The world's largest community-based traffic navigation source ensures you dodge every traffic bullet imaginable. It may very well have you weaving through side streets, but fans of the app will attest to the fact that it's re-routing system can easily cut a commute in half—even during rush hour.  
WHO: Beat the Traffic
WHAT: Made to take the guess work out of your daily grind, this app uses push notifications in real time tailored specifically to your route. Its crowd-sourced data model allows you to share incidents with other users and recalibrate your trip to the optimum time-saving course. 
WHAT: Never be late again with the most accurate traffic alert and routing app on the market. Ford, BMW and Toyota employ the technology in their in-car navigation systems. It draws from a combination of map set information, GPS data, cameras and sensors as well as user input to deliver the most accurate intel on traffic patterns and conditions. 
WHO: GasBuddy
WHAT: This handy money-saver locates the nearest gas stations and collates the results by price. It's a great fix for city-dwellers where gas prices can vary somewhat substantially between hoods. 
WHO: DragonGo
WHAT: This mobile assistant program uses voice recognition to accomplish any number of tasks, from setting calendar appointments and sending texts to looking up the right movie time. The voice recognition technology learns over time, so the more you us it, the better it gets. 
WHO: BestParking
WHAT: Resident of San Francisco and N.Y.C. in particular will revel in this dream of an app that keeps your pocket book and gas tank happy. It locates available parking based on your GPS location, ensuring you find the perfect space at a price that's right. No more sky-high fees and over-crowded garages. 
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