An Expert's Advice on the Easiest Places for Vacation Are a Vacation in the Making

Everyone wants rewards to come easily. Sure, we all like to think that the tried-and-true adages of hard work, diligence, and dedication describe how we strive to attain a reward, but really, that's not always true: Just think about ordering takeout for a delicious meal, or using a shortcut to get to a destination faster. When we can have what we want with little time and effort, we're satisfied. And that immediate gratification can also apply to .

"The primary factors that make a place 'easy' to visit come down to the expense and convenience of getting around," says Scott Keyes, co-founder of . "Places where flights are cheap, or where the U.S. dollar goes a long way, qualify as easy to me. And places where you can fly directly or quickly, as well as cities with great public transportation, are easy. Final, lesser factors are the amount of tourist infrastructure a place has and its degree of familiarity."

When you're looking for a getaway that meets these qualifications, then the profit of traveling can be yours without much struggle. For Keyes, the easiest places for him to travel to include  and  for their proximity and reasonable flight fares,  for its mostly single currency and public transportation, and the  for its many resort options and plane routes. Of course, none of these options include airport connections or a hefty budget. That wouldn't give the same satisfaction of an easy reward.

If you want to make your own list of quick travel destinations—say, for instance, if you need a break from work or harsh weather—then these are the types of stipulations to consider, too. We asked Keyes to describe how to go about finding the easiest places for travel according to personal needs, and where to go based on the size of a party and its level of experience. When his tips provide a guideline for your own destinations, feel free to test them out. It should be easy enough to do.